Football 101: Yeah, I Won


I cannot believe Eli Manning finally had a good week in fantasy football. I have talked in the past about how I was not a big fan of him, but now he is growing on me. I still did not play him though. I played A. Rodger like I always do because of my lack of faith in E. Manning. Rodgers still did better than E. Manning by 1 point, so it worked out in my advantage. If E. Manning has a good week again this week, then I may consider switching it up and playing him.

In the beginning I was only projected to win this week by one point, but I ended winning by more so that was exciting. I did not get to watch any NFL this week because I had to work on Sunday and Monday night. However, I was able to go to the Tennessee v.  Georgia football game. Untitled

The game was so hot, I could not take it anymore when halftime rolled around. UT was down 17-3 at this point and like most UT fans I did not think we had a chance of winning. My friends and I decided to leave and go to a nearby apartment so we could cool off.

As we were relaxing we could hear the whole stadium cheering and then figured out that UT scored. We were so mad that we left the game after it started to get exciting. At the top balcony of my friends apartment you can see the stadium and jumbotron clearly. We wanted to go back to the game, but we figured watching from there and seeing the jumbotron would do. We cheered on the Vols for the remainder of the game. We were sad when UT lost in overtime against GA, but we put up a good fight.

What I learned this week: In sporting events, it is worth staying past halftime to make sure if it is going to be a good game or not.

Happy Hump Day!

Hump Day

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Everyone Else is Doing it

Everyone Else is Doing it

I am sure you have noticed that most businesses are using some kind of social media platform. There are businesses that are using them well by engaging and interacting with consumers. Then there are the businesses that have joined the social media revolution just because everyone else is doing it.

This group of social media users know that they should be on social media, but are not sure why and how useful it can be in building awareness. It is important to understand that by creating a Facebook page, twitter handle, or google+ account will not automatically increase awareness for your business or organization. In order to use social media successfully, you must create a social media plan of how you will interact with your audience.

reach your audince

A few things to consider when creating a social media plan: 

1. What is the purpose of your platform, what do you want to achieve from it?

2. What platform or platforms will be most useful in reaching goals?

3. Who is your audience that you want to reach?

4. What kind of content should be posted that best represents the business or organization?

5. How will you engage and interact with consumers, instead of only selling to them?

Here are a few businesses and organizations that Mashable says are using twitter well. 

Jet Blue Airways: “Our goal would be to make ourselves available, help whenever possible, and to show that our brand is built by real people who care about our customers.”

Chicago Bulls: Jeremy Thum, director of interactive marketing is the official tweeter for the Chicago Bulls. He says that they’re hoping to “increase interaction w/ fans in a new way, mainly hope to create a mechanism for 2-way conversation instead of just 1-way marketing from us.”

Travel Channel: Digital marketer for the cable television channel, Pete Dorogoff, says that “Tweeting is a great way for us to connect fans directly with our talent. It allows us to reach our most loyal followers in a personal way.”

What do you think is the best way to engage with your audience?

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Football 101: Fantasy Football Fail

Football 101: Fantasy Football Fail

I did so well in fantasy the past two weeks that I thought I had it all figured out. Turns out I was wrong. I lost terribly by 51 points and I am not very happy about it. I always go on who has the most projected points and it has been working for me until now.

Someone kept arguing with me that you can’t go by the projected points, you have to go on what you know about the player, but I didn’t listen. I did some research for the first time to see the players past games points and compared what they were projected. I thought I made some good decisions, but they backfired.

I’ve had A. Rodgers as my QB and he has been fantastic, but he had a bye week so I had to put somefantasyone else in. Eli Manning was my other option for QB. I’m not crazy about him because he hasn’t been giving me very many points this season. I understand he is a great player, however he’s not making it happen for me. I dropped someone from my team and picked up E. Manuel. He seemed to be a great pick with 19 projected points, but what I got from him was only 4. Eli could of even given me 7.

What I learned: I’m now considering that I should start actually learning about the players instead of only looking at the points. The whole point of me making the draft was to learn about football, so I should probably start doing that too. Even though I lost, I made my own decisions this week and I was able to learn from it.

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Content and Your Audience

Content and Your Audience

Have you ever wondered how some videos, tweets, or blog post go viral and some may only get 3 shares? I found out it’s all about the context of what you are sharing. I was lucky enough to hear social media expert, Mark Schaefer speak to my class on content creation among other things. He explained the most important aspect of getting people to read your content is making it relevant to your audience.

First, pick a topic that interest you, this allows for your personality to show through your writing. It can be about food, sports, a field of work you would like to enter…..etc.

Second, create an online community that shares the same interest as you. This makes your content relevant to your audience and from that they are more willing to read and to share it.

Third, sit back and wait. This process doesn’t happen overnight, it takes some time. The only way to get better and build your audience is to keep trying.

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Football 101: Hockey 101

Football 101:

I won my fantasy football league again this week! I even set my own lineup too. I have to admit through, this week I didn’t watch any football at all.

Instead my friend and I made a trip to Nashville for a  Predators Hockey game Sunday. Her dad got us free tickets, so we couldn’t refuse and I had always wanted to go to a NHL game. I went to a Knoxville Ice Bears game once, they play in the Southern Professional Hockey League, but it’s not quite the same as a NHL.

We went to a restaurant on Broadway next to Bridgestone Arena to enjoy Nashville’s live music scene. Titans fans filled the street celebrating the teams victory against the Chargers earlier in the day.

My friend and I made it to our seats a few minutes late and missed the only fight in the game. That was going to be the highlight of the game for me, so I was a little disappointed.

I found out that Hockey was so much more the grown men getting in fights. The way it makes the most sense to me is it’s “soccer with sticks.” I guess it involves skates, ice, and much smaller goals too. I may of have a problem with comparing all sports to soccer.


What I learned: The game was extremely fast with 3 periods lasting 20 minutes each. Penalty shots are taken in two circles called the face-off spot. The face-off spots are located in front of the goal on the left and right sides.

I’m not sure about all of the rules with this sport either, but I can’t wait to find out and go to another game. Preseason is just about to end so I’m just in time. I’ve always said I would love hockey, this is my chance.

The Predators won against the Islanders 2-0.

I’m not going to give up on football, despite what I tweeted at the hockey game. I will still try to love it too.

Etiquette of Eating Out

Etiquette of Eating Out

Here are a few tips on how to treat your server when you are eating out.

1. When the server tells you their name and asks you how are you today, don’t reply with your drink order.

2. Just BE NICE. Simple words like please and thank you go a long way.

3. If you are going to drink 10 cokes, apologize and try to remember that you are not the only table your server has.

4. When you order your meal and you know you are going to need 5 things to go with it, go ahead and ask for them to save the server a trip.

5. Don’t camp out at the table for hours.  Go to a coffee shop or to a bar after you eat. If you do stay for more than a hour or hour and a half, leave extra on the tip to compensate the servers loss of not receiving another table.

6. Servers make $2.13 an hour. Their livelihood depends on tips. The expected and appreciated tip is 20% if your server is doing a good job. Verbal tips don’t pay bills.

With all of this being said, some servers are terrible and don’t deserve 20%. It is not something that should be guaranteed but earned.

If you do get a good server, take care of them and they will take care of you.

Have a good weekend!

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Football 101: Fantasy Football

If you couldn’t tell from the picture, I WON! The Seahawks won this week too! I have decided that fantasy football is great. It gives you the same accomplished feeling of winning at a sport except you are most likely just sitting on the couch. In last weeks match I was crushed by about 40 points, so this week was a good change.fantasy insta

I have to confess, I did get some help during the draft on who to pick and who to play each week, so it’s  not like I am completely responsible for my win. I’m still just as excited about winning though.  From having a fantasy team I would say that I have started picking up on players names and who plays on what teams a little.

I started following the Seahawks on twitter and retweeting them a little bit to make me seem more like a fan. This probably makes me sound like a poser fan, but if I keep trying maybe I’ll become a real fan.

What I learned this week: A friend and I went to a high school junior varsity game Monday night for my sports writing class. She asked me what off sides was and I explained it to her. Only later I found out that I was completely wrong. Who knew off sides in football and off sides in soccer are two completely different things. In football it would be impossible to score then.