Branding at its Best

brandingI am happy to say that I am back to blogging again! I decided to take a break after graduating from The University of Tennessee this December and now I am ready to get back to it.

Branding is a new interest of mine. It is different from advertising a product or service, but is rather creating content that reflects a business’s personality. Try to think of it this way, the friends you have like you because of your personality, they make you laugh, and they care about you. Branding is creating this same type of relationship as a friendship, but between a business and its consumers. Consumers are looking for more than just the product or service they are purchasing, they want more. Branding is an opportunity to connect on a more personal level and break through the noise of faces

Ulta Beauty does an excellent job with its new online campaign “Trading Faces.” Ulta Beauty is a specialty retailer that provides affordable indulgences by carrying a variety of products Smashbox to their very own Ulta Beauty makeup line.The campaign is a series of videos that feature everyday women instead of Hollywood stars. Women share beauty tips, their style and are given the chance to “Trade Faces.” The first video features Chelsea Vonn Mach, 26 from Los Angeles and Ashley Shelton, 27 from Knoxville, Tenn., near Dollywood.

Chelsea and Ashley have very different styles. Chelsea describes her style as Pippi Longstocking meets Miss Havisham, while Ashley friends describe her style as “Grandma chic.” By using two women with different styles, it allows for a wider reach of audience. This campaign appeals to its target audience of the everyday customer by featuring the everyday customer.

It encourages viewers to try different makeup and fashion styles without directly selling any of Ulta’s products. The branding used “Beauty at Play” takes the seriousness out of fashion and promotes playfulness. Makeup products are only shown for a few seconds in the short video. This part of branding was done well with the main focus on the two women’s stories and not the makeup products. By telling a little bit of each of their lives, it allows for the viewer to relate and connect with either Chelsea or Ashley on a more personal level. In the end the main goal is for the viewer to connect with Ulta on the same personal level. Do you know of a business with great branding efforts?

“Trading Faces” image found from Google.


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