Simple Steps for a Successful LinkedIn Profile


LinkedIn is the largest professional social network. It is used to find jobs through networking and making connections with other people in your career field. On your profile you list your experience, skills, resume, and a short-bio about yourself for people to learn about you and what you have to offer. You also upload a professional picture to your profile so others can put a name with a face.

I created a LinkedIn profile about two years ago. I first made because it was an assignment we had to do for class. We just had to make a profile, upload a picture, and write a short-bio about ourselves and that was the end of it. Now as I am about to graduate from college, I wanted to learn how to use LinkedIn more effectively. Here are some helpful tips that I found.

job searving

When creating a LinkedIn profile it needs to reflect your professional experiences. You can list social media platforms on LinkedIn for people to view except for Facebook. By listing your other social media platforms it allows for people to get a better idea of who you are. If you are job searching I suggest looking over your social media platforms to make sure the content is appropriate for future employers to see. Even though Instagram and Twitter are not your professional platforms, employers are still looking there. List other contact information for people to reach you at.

Upload a professional picture to your profile. This picture should represent who you are as a professional. Using a headshot is the most common on LinkedIn. If you do not post a picture of yourself it makes your profile look less credible. It also gives the impression that you do not care enough about your profile to take time to post a picture. Keep in mind that this picture is a your first impression to future employers. While job searching it is a good idea to have the same picture on all social media platforms to create some consistency for your image and reputation.

Your LinkedIn profile is where you get to brag about your professional experiences and accomplishments. Write a short-bio about yourself. Have the bio written in third person. Here you want to write your purpose for being on LinkedIn by highlighting your biggest accomplishments, what you are currently doing, and what you are looking for if you are searching for a job.

List your work experience with a few bullet points describing your responsibilities and accomplishments at each job. You can also attach samples of what you did at each job. You are able to attach documents, images, audio files, and websites. There is also a section to list your skills. You are able to list up to 50 skills. However, if you list fewer skills it shows that these are the ones you are really good at. People who you have connected with are able to endorse your skills that you have listed.

Start connecting with people to build your network. First you can connect with people you already know by importing contacts from your phone and email. Search for businesses that you would be interested in working for and connect with them. After you connect with someone their updates and post will be in your news feed. Any post on LinkedIn should be of interest to business since it is a professional platform. When creating a post you are able to upload photos, documents, and videos.

Use LinkedIn to search for a job through using the search tools. The search options let you search for location, keywords, industry, experience, and where you are willing to travel. It has become increasingly common for businesses to find employees on LinkedIn. If you are lucky your job searching may be cut short by businesses seeking you.


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