What’s a Hashtag?


“What’s a hashtag?” my mom asked, as we were sitting in the kitchen talking this week.  I began to laugh at the thought of someone not knowing what a hashtag is, because for my generation it has become social media common sense.

I explained that it is simply the use of the pound sign before the use of a single word or phrase to categorize the topic of the content. The hashtag first took over on twitter in 2007 and is now used on many other social media platforms including Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr and recently Facebook. When creating a hashtag the site will also give some suggested popular hashtags that have already been used to better categorize the topic. Then, the hashtag turns into a link that you are able to click on and then will show what other people are talking about with the use of that same hashtag.what is

Today for example it’s Halloween, if you were to search #HappyHalloween on Twitter your search would be provided content that people are posting about Halloween who are using the #HappyHalloween hashtag. This kind of hashtag is more for personal use.

On the business and marketing side, hashtag’s are a huge help in tracking conversations about a brand. Through the use of the hashtag, you are able to analyze  the use of different hashtags that are related to the brand and the topics they are talking about.

Use a specific hashtag to promote an event or campaign. Make sure that the hashtag has not been used before. Each time something is posted about the event use the hashtag and encourage followers to engage by responding and using the hashtag in their post too.  This is great for generating buzz about your event.

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