Social Influence and Klout


The Conversation Renaissance is an incredible thing. By using social media to comment about what a brand or organization are doing has set their level of responsibility to a whole new standard. This can be good and bad for organizations. If an organization is doing great things people will most likely notice and comment about it through social media. If an organization is doing bad things or has poor customer service people will absolutely be more than willing to talk about it through social media. Social media is a channel for people to express their thoughts and ideas through engaging with others.

When someone it tweeting about an experience they have had, they become an influencer for the topic or brand. It encourages organizations to do the thing because people will take notice if not. Social media holds organizations liable for their actions whether they choose to participate in the conversation or not. As one of Mark Schaefer’s friends said, “The deer now have guns” referring to how the role of advertising and brand reputation has changed with social media.

My Klout score is a 32, which is considered showing expertise. I engage with others and use social media frequently, but I cannot get the score to go up. I know there a perks to having a high score and being an influential social media user and I have gotten a few of them so far. I think the idea behind Klout is great for organizations because it is free advertising for them. It is rewarding for those who have high Klout scores, but I don’t care to use social media that much to make it happen for me. All in time as I continue to engage and build my tribe my Klout score will go up. Mark makes a good point that what is important is engaging, meeting and helping people through social media.

There is also no perfect secret answer in how you can raise your Klout score either, this makes it even more challenging. Klout puts in more than 100 factors from all social media platforms to measure your social influence. The algorithm Klout uses is constantly changing. It is 10 peoples job to tweek and adjust how you are being scored. Businesses have the hardest time with social media because they want to see their return in their investment. Net Promoter Scores use measurements of customer satisfaction surveys to see the linkage between loyalty programs.

If Klout starts to use this kind of measurement in its algorithm it will become more beneficial to businesses to see their return. Klout is a fairly new company so it will be interesting to see what other factors they incorporate into the measurement system.


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