Twitter “Event Parrot”


Event Parrot is a exploratory twitter handle that sends a direct message of breaking news  in 140 characters to you if you choose follow. I thought it was a great idea, so I started following Event Parrot and just began receiving messages this week.

I first learned about the end of the government shutdown and the statement Obama was going to deliver through Event Parrot. Then I received a direct message of the shooting at a Nevada middle school through it as well. From my first impressions this far, it has been really helpful in keeping up with major events that have happened. It is especially helpful when I get real busy and don’t have a chance to think about watching the

The next message I received was a little shocking; it was a direct message telling about Apple announcing its new iPad Air. The new iPad sounds great and all, but I thought the use of Event Parrot was for breaking news around the world of real events, not product promotion.

This got me thinking, that maybe this is a leeway into direct message advertising. People try to avoid advertisements at all cost, only wanting to see things they chose to see. The majority of people like learning and keeping up with recent news, so Event Parrot is a great way to ease people into direct message advertising.

Like I said earlier, Event Parrot is just an experiment. Twitter is moving in the direction to go public in the near future, so it will be interesting to see what other tools and ideas they introduce.

What do you think about Event Parrot?