Blogger’s Block

writers blockwriters blockwriters block

I was warned this day would come, but did not think it was going to happen to me. My first 11 it was easy to generate ideas for, I felt like I was on a roll. Then I sat down yesterday and came up with nada, nothing, squat to blog about. That is when it happened, I caught blogger’s block.

One of the keys to blogging and increasing viewership is posting consistently. I decided I needed to make a plan for when it happens again. Here is a helpful list of what to do when you catch blogger’s block too.

list1. Make a list: By making a list you can talk about multiple things that support your one topic. This also makes as easy read for people who do not have much time to read through a lengthy blog post.  (It is an easier post to come up with, if you have not noticed, that is what I am doing now)

2. What’s hot? Search around and see what everyone else is talking about. Join in on the conversation and add your on view of the topic. That is the whole point of blogging and social media to begin with right?

3. Journal: Blogging ideas come to me at random times and I find a piece of paper and jot them down. The paper usually gets lost in abyss of other papers and I never see it again. Create a blogging journal where you can keep all your ideas in journalone place. Then the next time you get bloggers block you will have a place to turn to.

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