Everyone Else is Doing it

Everyone Else is Doing it

I am sure you have noticed that most businesses are using some kind of social media platform. There are businesses that are using them well by engaging and interacting with consumers. Then there are the businesses that have joined the social media revolution just because everyone else is doing it.

This group of social media users know that they should be on social media, but are not sure why and how useful it can be in building awareness. It is important to understand that by creating a Facebook page, twitter handle, or google+ account will not automatically increase awareness for your business or organization. In order to use social media successfully, you must create a social media plan of how you will interact with your audience.

reach your audince

A few things to consider when creating a social media plan: 

1. What is the purpose of your platform, what do you want to achieve from it?

2. What platform or platforms will be most useful in reaching goals?

3. Who is your audience that you want to reach?

4. What kind of content should be posted that best represents the business or organization?

5. How will you engage and interact with consumers, instead of only selling to them?

Here are a few businesses and organizations that Mashable says are using twitter well. 

Jet Blue Airways: “Our goal would be to make ourselves available, help whenever possible, and to show that our brand is built by real people who care about our customers.”

Chicago Bulls: Jeremy Thum, director of interactive marketing is the official tweeter for the Chicago Bulls. He says that they’re hoping to “increase interaction w/ fans in a new way, mainly hope to create a mechanism for 2-way conversation instead of just 1-way marketing from us.”

Travel Channel: Digital marketer for the cable television channel, Pete Dorogoff, says that “Tweeting is a great way for us to connect fans directly with our talent. It allows us to reach our most loyal followers in a personal way.”

What do you think is the best way to engage with your audience?

Pictures found on pinterest.


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