Football 101: Fantasy Football Fail

Football 101: Fantasy Football Fail

I did so well in fantasy the past two weeks that I thought I had it all figured out. Turns out I was wrong. I lost terribly by 51 points and I am not very happy about it. I always go on who has the most projected points and it has been working for me until now.

Someone kept arguing with me that you can’t go by the projected points, you have to go on what you know about the player, but I didn’t listen. I did some research for the first time to see the players past games points and compared what they were projected. I thought I made some good decisions, but they backfired.

I’ve had A. Rodgers as my QB and he has been fantastic, but he had a bye week so I had to put somefantasyone else in. Eli Manning was my other option for QB. I’m not crazy about him because he hasn’t been giving me very many points this season. I understand he is a great player, however he’s not making it happen for me. I dropped someone from my team and picked up E. Manuel. He seemed to be a great pick with 19 projected points, but what I got from him was only 4. Eli could of even given me 7.

What I learned: I’m now considering that I should start actually learning about the players instead of only looking at the points. The whole point of me making the draft was to learn about football, so I should probably start doing that too. Even though I lost, I made my own decisions this week and I was able to learn from it.

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