Content and Your Audience

Content and Your Audience

Have you ever wondered how some videos, tweets, or blog post go viral and some may only get 3 shares? I found out it’s all about the context of what you are sharing. I was lucky enough to hear social media expert, Mark Schaefer speak to my class on content creation among other things. He explained the most important aspect of getting people to read your content is making it relevant to your audience.

First, pick a topic that interest you, this allows for your personality to show through your writing. It can be about food, sports, a field of work you would like to enter…..etc.

Second, create an online community that shares the same interest as you. This makes your content relevant to your audience and from that they are more willing to read and to share it.

Third, sit back and wait. This process doesn’t happen overnight, it takes some time. The only way to get better and build your audience is to keep trying.

Picture was found on pinterest.


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