Football 101: Fantasy Football

If you couldn’t tell from the picture, I WON! The Seahawks won this week too! I have decided that fantasy football is great. It gives you the same accomplished feeling of winning at a sport except you are most likely just sitting on the couch. In last weeks match I was crushed by about 40 points, so this week was a good change.fantasy insta

I have to confess, I did get some help during the draft on who to pick and who to play each week, so it’s  not like I am completely responsible for my win. I’m still just as excited about winning though.  From having a fantasy team I would say that I have started picking up on players names and who plays on what teams a little.

I started following the Seahawks on twitter and retweeting them a little bit to make me seem more like a fan. This probably makes me sound like a poser fan, but if I keep trying maybe I’ll become a real fan.

What I learned this week: A friend and I went to a high school junior varsity game Monday night for my sports writing class. She asked me what off sides was and I explained it to her. Only later I found out that I was completely wrong. Who knew off sides in football and off sides in soccer are two completely different things. In football it would be impossible to score then.


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