Football 101: Have to Start Somewhere

Welcome to my journey of learning about football. I’ve decided that I want to know what’s all the hype about it. This semester I will be making an attempt to learn and maybe end up loving football.

Every football fan has a die-heart team that they are passionate about and will argue endlessly over. I decided first things first, I need to pick a team. Since I don’t know much about football to pick a team, I had to use what I did know.

Why I love the Seattle Seahawks 


1. Have you seen their new jerseys? How can they be a bad team in navy, wolf grey, action green, and white?

2. I’ve never been to Seattle, Washington, but I’ve heard it’s a great city despite the rain.

3. Seattle is suppose to have a great music scene.

I also signed up for a NFL fantasy football draft to further explore my interest in football. I haven’t completely figured out how it works with the point system and playing someone new each week. I think after this first weeks worth of games maybe I can break it down. Well it’s more like have someone explain it to me.

Football 101: Have to Start Somewhere


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